Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Week 'Til Dallas

University of Miami Class of 2013
I’ll be off to Dallas next week for the Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention, so it seemed fitting to start my blog now.

For the next year I will serve as a 2013-2014 Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Joining ADPi my freshman year of college at the University of Miami was the best decision I could have made in those four years. ADPi taught me about leadership, community, and the oh-so-famous “sorority squat” ensuring that everyone will indeed fit in the picture. But in all seriousness, all of the cheesy things you hear about sisterhood really are true.  ADPi and the Greek community at UM have given me lifelong friends that have supported me and taught me so many more things than they even know. They are also probably the only ones that will ever really read this blog. So for that, and many other things, I thank them.

It can be scary to leave the comfort of undergrad and live thousands of miles away from your friends, but whatever doesn’t scare you probably isn’t worth it. Leadership Consultants travel to ADPi collegiate chapters all across the United States and Canada, helping chapters with officer training, recruitment, and leadership. There are 9 other LC’s and 1 Senior LC (find out who they are here!).

I welcome the challenge of packing my life into two suitcases and a carry on – although the thought of my-not-so-strong-5’2”-self moving 3 pieces of luggage is a bit more daunting.

I welcome the challenge of airport delays and sleeping sitting up.

Finally, I welcome the challenge of making a positive and lasting impact at each chapter I have the privilege of meeting.  

This next year will surely bring exciting, fun, and rewarding experiences my way and I look forward to sharing some of my stories with you.

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