Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tales of Tulane: Part 2 - Bid Day

Welcome Home, Alphas, to Alpha Delta Pi at Tulane University! I could not be more happy to have such an amazing founding class and I cannot wait to see what this year will bring for these new members. To celebrate our new members we went to City Park to eat some food and get to know each other.

It ended up being a fun afternoon considering it was a whirlwind putting it together. Buses were late, the food wasn't ready at Wal Mart [even though I called in the morning to confirm], I dropped a vegetable tray [which they kindly replaced in under 5 minutes], and some racoons ate our turkey wraps. If I have learned anything so far this year it is to roll with the punches.

Until I leave for the University of Memphis, I will be helping the Lead Consultant here plan weekly Colony meetings and Colony Retreat. Colony meetings are more involved than regular chapter meetings because the colony has to go through new member education, learn about chapter operations, work in committees before officer elections, and prepare for formal recruitment in January all at the same time.

Being in a sorority is a lot of fun, but there is certainly lots of work to be done regarding marketing, recruitment, fundraising, building Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity Council relations, and working on internal chapter relations - also known as sisterhood!

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