Monday, December 23, 2013

Pick Me Up Playlist

An important part of any traveler’s manifesto? A good playlist.

Music is one of my favorite things in the world.  What else can make you dance, cry, smile, remember one moment in your life, and reenergize your day in three minutes and thirty-two seconds?

Let’s face it. Not every day is the best. Whether or not you’re 7 and Jimmy just stole the only light blue crayon left in the box or 47 and you didn’t get the promotion … But that’s what music is for, and everyone should have a pick me up playlist. No matter what songs fill your one to ten it should go a little something like this... 

  1. Sometimes it seems like nothing is going your way
  2. And it's OK to be angry
  3. But everything happens for a reason
  4. And the only person in control of you is you
  5. And you're pretty awesome
  6. And so are the friends that love you
  7. And the family that will always be there
  8. So just dance
  9. Then sing out of tune
  10. And never forget everything you have to be thankful for

Stay tuned for more playlists! 

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