Sunday, July 7, 2013

Foundation Speech

I gave my first speech ever during Grand Convention at the Foundation Luncheon. For those of you that are aware of my “small lungs” you can probably picture how nervous I was. Note: I don’t actually have small lungs. I just forget to breathe while addressing large crowds therefore leading to my intermittent gasps of air. It’s really not as serious as it sounds. There were three things that helped me deliver my speech:
  1. Speak a lot slower than you think is normal. No one will really notice and it’s better than speaking quickly, not breathing and tripping over your words.
  2. When in doubt, place your hands on the podium. Not all of us can master Obama’s non-aggressive yet commanding point with your bent index figure move.
  3. Believe in what you are saying. Hopefully you know something about the topic you’re giving a speech on and hopefully you believe your message is important.
I believed that what I had to say about the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation was important and I can only hope that my story inspired others to support its mission to Educate, Lead, and Serve. The Foundation provides the support and resources that ADPi’s need in order to succeed in college and beyond. It does so through academic scholarships, emergency grants and resources for leadership training and educational programming.

The Foundation raised $1,025,320.07 philanthropy dollars this year
59 competitive academic scholarships were awarded
More than $32,000 was raised at Convention for the Clasped Hands Fund
$918,381.03 and counting… was raised for Ronald McDonald House Charities!

I would not have been able to finish my senior year at the University of Miami if it weren’t for the Foundation. There are many other people – students, “Pi” members, and Ronald McDonald House families – that can benefit from our continued support of the Foundation.

Collegians can join the Violet Circle for $18.51 – our founding year – and receive a dangle for their badge. You can also donate to the Foundation’s Annual Fund. This upcoming academic year marks the 30th anniversary of the Foundation. Hopefully it will be another record-breaking fundraising year!

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  1. I would have never guessed that was your first speech ever-you did a fantastic job and were so inspiring!