Saturday, August 31, 2013


My first visit to the University of Central Oklahoma was packed with recruitment workshops, officer meetings, and three long days of recruiting a new Alpha class. I met with over 18 officers, spent over 48 hours in 5 days perfecting Theta Xi’s recruitment skills, and ran around the Theta Xi house for 40 hours in 3 days making sure formal recruitment went off without a hitch. Theta Xi was colonized on November 17, 2012, so this was their first formal recruitment ever!

Recruitment at UCO is divided into three days: Open House, Skit Day, and Preference Night. Each sorority met over 250 potential new members (PNMs) on Open House, and through a mutual selection process both sides narrowed down their selections until a new member class was formed on Bid Day. Open House started at 8:30AM (although members arrived to prepare at 7AM) and ended at 7:30PM. It was broken up into 40 minutes rounds back to back with 20 minutes to prepare for the next party and a one-hour lunch break. The work didn’t stop at 7:30, however. Decorations needed to be taken down, new decorations were put up, and chapter members learned an entirely new agenda and set up for Skit Day.

Skit Stage for "ADPi-Airlines"
Some chapter members on the left
Formal Recruitment Chair, Maria, and I on the right!

The women of Theta Xi caught on quickly for their first recruitment. Preference Night, however, is structured differently as to which PNMs each sister speaks to, so sorting out the logistics of this night was a daunting task. Breaks between rounds were still 20 minutes, but there was double the amount of work to be done between rounds. I am forever grateful for Theta Xi’s undivided attention during Preference Night. In those 20 minute breaks I was no fun and all work – one chapter member even referred to me as a “drill sergeant.” I laughed when she said this, of course, because (a) it was true and (b) it was followed by a thank you for my hard work the past two weeks.

Members, advisors, alumnae, and International Officers put a ton of work into those three days, and it certainly paid off with 53 new Alphas! Quota for each sorority was 41, and Alpha Delta Pi met quota with 12 quota additions! They doubled their chapter size and are now 11 new members away from meeting Panhellenic Total! [Note: Theta Xi held a Continuous Open Recruitment event two days after Bid Day and extended some bids the next day, so they are even closer to Total! Total will be reevaluated in a couple weeks and may be lowered slightly from 111 – making Theta Xi even closer.]

I am so proud of Theta Xi and I know they will continue to grow and become strong leaders, sisters, and women. I also want to take a second to thank all of the alumnae and advisors that gave up their free time outside of work and helped immensely during formal recruitment, including [but not limited to!] Barb, Kristyn, Meredith, Amy T, Amy C, Jamie, Ms. Doe, Ms. Broshears, and Ms. Wiesner! Theta Xi is blessed to have you in their lives. Miss you already, Oklahoma!

Fall 2013 Alpha Class! Welcome Home!


  1. Wasn't it 54? Either way, they did great! So glad you were here for it! <>

    1. it was! but one didn't accept because she has to drop out of UCO :/

  2. Even though I didn't see all that went on during recruitment, I thank you so much for everything you have done for us, and me throughout your time in OK. You have no idea how much we miss you! Come back soon :) <>

  3. Great recap, Caroline! So proud of you and your incredible start!