Friday, August 16, 2013

Setting Goals

I've been having a lot of fun getting to know the ADPi women at the University of Central Oklahoma, but my days have been jam packed with recruitment practice and team building activities. After my visit I'll share some things on my blog about Oklahoma, but for now below are some of my goals for the year!

The Leadership Consultants had dinner with International President Ms. Tammie Pinkston last Tuesday, and as if I could be any more excited about my job, I left the dinner even more energized to begin my year as LC. Ms. Pinkston has accomplished a lot so far in her life and is such a strong leader that I tried to soak up everything she was saying at dinner.

Some of her words of wisdom really stuck with me and they inspired me to make a list of things I hope to learn and improve upon on the road.

The first is learning to prioritize. I am very passionate about the responsibilities I take on in my life – whether or not that means being Philanthropy Chair for Gamma Delta, being a good role model for my younger siblings, or being an LC. I often feel that every objective is important and cannot be sacrificed, when it reality some things are beyond our scope of reach at that moment. This is not to say that I should underachieve or even settle for accomplishing only what is required of me. However, I should be realistic as to what can be accomplished. During my year as LC I hope to learn not only how to utilize the International Officers to set priorities at each campus, but how to better asses those situations myself and be most efficient and effective in promoting positive growth and empowering female leaders.

My second goal is to learn as much as I can about the people I am meeting and the places I am visiting. Being a Leadership Consultant is truly a unique experience. We are frequently on a new campus, working with a different set of International Officers in each district, and meeting collegians from all around the country. The experience is different for those of us working more closely with colonies (soon to be new chapters of Alpha Delta Pi), but it is just as dynamic. We are simultaneously learning about City culture, University culture, and Greek life while serving as all 26 ADPi officer positions until we are able to establish a foundation for colony members to fulfill those roles.

Thirdly, it is one of my goals on the road to convey the importance of philanthropic service to each chapter I meet. Not only do fraternity/sorority organizations across the country foster leadership, loyalty, and dedication, but they also do an exemplary job in giving back to their communities. Greek organizations are committed to raising money for their national philanthropies and the philanthropies of the other organizations on their campus. They also create extensive scholarship programs for their collegians and provide educational opportunities for their members.

Last, but certainly not least, I hope to come out of my year as a Jack of All Trades. I will be consulting at various chapters with the President, Recruitment Vice President, Executive Vice President, Finanice Vice President, Director of Standards & Ethics, Director of Social Enrichment, Panhellenic Delegate, and numerous other officers and members. I will be an event planner. A confidant. A presenter. A fundraiser. A moderator. My knowledge of organizational behavior, finance, marketing, public relations, and conflict resolution will undoubtedly increase, and I hope to take advantage of each opportunity I have to learn something new!

. . . Now for some exciting news . . . I will be at the University of Memphis & Tulane University for the  month of September! 


  1. Yay Tulane! I'm guessing you will be helping with colony recruitment? I got to help with that at SHU last year and it was such an amazing experience!! Good luck. :)

  2. Love this! and you woo!! I can't wait to see updates from Tulane!! <>